Steering Wheel Aids

We manufacture a range of steering wheel aids, which attach to the steering wheel to provide assistance in turning the wheel. All our aids are available in a quick release version, allowing the aid to be removed from the clamp when not in use.


A smooth black mushroom shape which fits snugly into the hand.


A slimmer longer hand style than the mushroom.


The 50mm ball aid provides a larger grip.

Tetra Grip

Designed for those who require wrist support when using a steering wheel aid.

Glove & Peg

For those who have little or no grip and who need extra support to keep their hand on the steering aid.  Available for both left and right-handed users.


Has an anatomically shaped shaft, ideal for those who prefer a slimmer grip and have restricted wrist, elbow or shoulder movement.

"Personalised care and dedication, to get you safely on the road"

Our main objective is to provide high quality vehicle adaptations, supporting you through every step of your journey.