Space Drive

Space Drive

We are very proud to be one of the few approved & qualified installers for Space Drive systems in the UK.  Space Drive, manufactured by PARAVAN in Germany, is an incredible piece of life changing technology, which allows people that may not otherwise be able to drive an opportunity to continue driving on their own from their wheelchair.

For a greater insight into this innovative technology check out the below video from PARAVAN:-

Space Drive offers those with limited movement/strength or no upper limbs, to drive using their revolutionary drive-by-wire technology control system with a sophisticated safety concept – and which is tailored to the users specific needs on installation. 

The Space Drive system allows you to activate the brake, accelerator and steering through the various types of input device that can be selected, which will be dependent on the users needs.  A overview of the input devices are below:-

Mini Wheel
Rotational Steering
Linear Gas Brake
2/4 Way Joystick

Each Space Drive installation is customized to meet the bespoke needs of the driver, providing a very personal and life changing driving experience.

Voice Activation is one of the newest technologies available as part of the Space Drive System, allowing over 100 different functions to be activated and control by voice command.  Here is a video of the incredible equipment in action:-

"Personalised care and dedication, to get you safely on the road"

Our main objective is to provide high quality vehicle adaptations, supporting you through every step of your journey.